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Country By Country Listing
Of the World's Highest Points
North America
South America
This site was the original list for high points on the Internet.  I posted a list based on the Rand-McNally Atlas.  I am now putting it in synch with the CIA World Factbook because it reflects the official recognition policy of the U.S. governenment .  There are still some issues.  The Factbook incorrectly lists the highpoint for Chile in South America (I list the correct one) and there's some drama regarding the continent of "Oceania." I have followed the Factbook's continent listing for the most part.  However, I have kept Australia as a separate continent.  Many people consider Carstensz Pyramid on Indonesia as the Oceania's highest point.  The factbook lists Indonesia as part of Asia and I have left it there. Puncak Jaya is the accepted name in the Factbook for this highpoint on Indonesia.  Most people refer to it as Carstensz Pyramid.

Short List of Useful Worldwide Geographic Links

World Place Names and Maps
Alexandria Digital Library Gazetteer Server -- The site is very fast, simple and complete.
Expedia Maps - Expedia produces the best maps although it may not give you as much info (e.g., longitude and latitude) as you might want.
GNPS Gazetteer Search - This government site of the US Board of Geographic names is comprehensive but slow and confusing.
Arizona State University's Place Name Server List - This is a very thorough list of where to find info.

7 Summits Links
List of 7 Summits Completers - Everestnews has a list of 7 summit completers and is the definitive 7 summit source.
7Summits.Com - This site is also focused on the highest points.
7-summits.com - This slick site uses Flash to promote the expedition of the first Arab to attempt the feat.

Downloadable Files
NIMA's Name Files of Selected Countries - You can download these files, parse them and manipulate them on your PC.  However the files contain little elevation information.  This is from the US  National Imagery and Mapping Agency.
GTOPO 30 - This site permits you to download DEM tiles for quadrants of the world for manipulation in geography programs.
CIA Factbook - You can download the entire factbook (and maps which have no copyright).

World Highest Lists
List of 6,000 Meter Peaks - Alpex High Alpine Expeditions has a comprehensive list of 6,000 meter peaks.  There is a debate over whether it includes too many "subpeaks" of other peaks.  But it is still the best source and includes longitude/latitude data.
Unclimbed 7,000 Meter Peaks - Peakware maintains this list.
Highest Active Volcanoes - From Peakware.
David Metzler's List of Peaks of Above 7,300 Meters - This excellent site also include first ascent information.

Useful Links
Convert Meters to Feet
International Trail Database
Bali Distance Calculator