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3 to 4 Mile Long Lines to Enter Mount Rainier Via Nisqually

Mount Rainier is reporting 3-4 mile long entrance lines to get through the Nisqually entrance. Rainier has increased its busiest entrance from 2 lanes to 3 but the lanes still go back to 2 to go past the entrance sign. … Continue reading

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3 Rainier Helicopter Rescues on Rainier in 3 Weeks

There have been 3 helicopter rescues on Mount Rainier since June 10. *On June 26 a climber going up the Emmons Glacier Route to the summit developed breathing problems. A member of his party stayed with him and a helicopter … Continue reading

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Musical Homage to Mount Rainier To Premiere May 17, 2017

A musical homage to Mount Rainier by Daniel Ott is scheduled to debt May 17, 2017, in the Tacoma Symphony’s “Mountain and Sea” concert. A NEA endowment for $10,000 is helping to fund it.

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Brent Okita Summits Rainier for 500th Time

Brent Okita, a guide with Rainier Mountaineer since 1986, has become the second person to summit Rainier 500 times. George Dunn of International Mountain Guides holds the record of 515.

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USPS To Issue Mount Rainier Star Trails Stamp

The USPS plans to issue a stamp depicting a Mount Rainier Star Trails photo mashup. The stamp will be issued June 2 at New York City’s Javits Center at 11 a.m. as part of the world’s largest stamp show that … Continue reading

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Melting Rainier Causes Closure of Westside Road on Rainier

August 13, 2015 Debris Flow on Tahoma Creek, Mount Rainier Nat… Here is video footage of the August 13, 2015 debris flow at Mount Rainier. Zachary Jones and Caroline Pedro were walking up the now closed Westside Road towards the … Continue reading

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Writer Karen Sykes Believed Killed on Rainier

70-year-old Karen Sykes was reported to have died on Rainier on the Owyhigh Lakes Trail.

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4 Climbers and 2 Guides Killed on Rainier’s Liberty Ridge

4 climbers and two guides from Alpine Ascents are believed killed in 3,300 foot fall on Rainier’s Liberty Ridge at about the 12,800 foot level. Park officials say the area is so treacherous that the bodies may not even be … Continue reading

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Profile of Bravo Company Which Does Helicopter Rescues on Rainier

KING has a nice item on Bravo Company at Joint Base Lewis-McChord that performs helicopter searches on rescues on Rainier.

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Washington Senate Renames Rainier to Mount Seattle Seahawks

The Washington Senate has renamed Rainier “Mount Seattle Seahawks” and changed its park name to “12th Man National Park.” You just knew they couldn’t let a Colorado move go unanswered.

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