We Mourn Black Mountain Activist Hazel King

The Lexington Herald-Leader reports on the passing of Hazel King, an activisit who helped prevent the mountaintop removal of Black Mountain in 1999.

King died June 20 at 87 and a memorial was held this week in Harlan, Kentucky. The paper notes:

She was a quiet woman who stood only a little over 5 feet tall, but was known for leaving mine inspectors and college students gasping behind her as she hiked over rugged terrain, leading them to another landslide, mine subsidence crack or black water spill she had discovered.

At the height of the battle she hired a helicopter — at more than $1,000 a trip — to take people aloft to see and photograph the 26-mile-long mountain.

“It was worth every penny,” she said in an interview in 2000.

I will personally miss dealing with her — especially for her kind comments about americasroof and the highpointers keeping the focus on the highpoint angle (access to the mountain was totally cut off during the debate) when the debate veered into other areas.

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