Hiker Struck By Lightning at 2:40 PM on Mount Elbert Descent

News reports indicate that 28-year-old Justin Eggleston was struck in the head by lightning about 2:40 p.m., Sunday, Aug 15 while coming off Mount Elbert.

A doctor from Vail was nearby and Eggleston walked off the mountain.

“They gave me some goo packs because my muscles were cramping,” Eggleston said.
Before long, Eggleston said, he couldn’t feel his feet, hands or lips. He said he could hear everything people were saying, but he couldn’t respond. When he realized the gravity of what had happened, Eggleston said, he started to hyperventilate and cry.
“They tried to keep me concentrated on my breathing,” he said.

Reports indicated this was his first 14’er and he said he won’t be coming off another 14er at 3pm again.

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