2 Injured in 500 Foot Fall Into Devil's Kitchen on Mount Hood Involving Three Parties

Two were injured in a 500 foot fall on Mount Hood into Devil’s Kitchen involving three parties.

Two hurt on Mount Hood
Corvallis Gazette Times – Corvallis,OR,USA
Two climbers were seriously injured Saturday in a 500-foot fall near the top of Mount Hood, and a National Guard helicopter was sent to rescue them.

The pair were identified as Aaron Dunlop, 31, of Newberg and Jeremy Hawkins, 32, of Tigard, sheriff’s deputies said.

A third climber in the party walked off the 11,240-foot mountain, the highest peak in Oregon and a popular destination for Pacific Northwest climbers.

She said the Guard rescue team has been very busy as the summer climbing season arrives.

“We’re on the mountain more than off,” Fristad said. “This is the time when the mountain is changing. The snow is softening, and crevasses are forming. It’s not a good time for climbers.”

Witnesses told KGW-TV, the network’s Portland affiliate, that one climber fell so hard his helmet shattered.

They also said there was rain on the mountain overnight, creating especially slippery and treacherous conditions.

Strovink said the climbers were among three parties going for the top of the mountain Saturday morning.

The lead party fell backward, hitting a second party, and the mass of climbers then fell into a third party, he said.

The Reach and Treat Team arrived at the scene about 1:30 p.m. via a Snowcat courtesy of Timberline Lodge. Dave Ewing, a team paramedic, said one of the climbers suffered what appeared to be a broken jaw. Another had broken his ankle, he said.

All three were bloody with ice burns and abrasions. One of the climbers suffered a deep gash on his arm, which Ewing figures was inflicted by an ice axe or crampons during the fall.

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