250 Climb Mount Washington in Seek the Peak Hike A Thon

250 have climbed Mount Washington in the Seek The Peak Hike A Thon to benefit the mountain’s observatory.

250 Hikers to Climb Mount Washington in Support of Non-Profit …
AlpineZone News – Thomaston,CT,USA
MOUNT WASHINGTON, New Hampshire — There is nothing quite like standing atop the northeast’s tallest peak-New Hampshire’s 6,288-foot Mount Washington. In fact, in the heat of summer, what could be better than climbing to a mountain peak where the all-time high temperature is just 72 degrees? On July 22, more than 250 hikers from across the region will make that very trek to the summit of Mount Washington, all in an effort to raise money for the non-profit Mount Washington Observatory.

The 6th annual Seek the Peak Hike-a-thon, presented by L.L.Bean and Subaru, brings together hikers, Mount Washington fans, weather buffs and outdoor enthusiasts for a day of fun in a spectacular setting. Seek the Peak is the year’s biggest fundraising event for the Mount Washington Observatory, and all proceeds help fund the annual costs of operating the legendary weather station on the summit of Mount Washington-the home of the “world’s worst weather”.

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