Ameren Sets Up ExperienceBlackRiver.Com

Ameren has set up a web site promoting the Black River at

Water quality in the river has come into question since the Dec. 14 collapse of the Taum Sauk reservoir. Right now the web site is nothing more than just a listing of local businesses.

Here’s the latest Taum Sauk coverage:

Ameren to promote state park tourism through new Web site
St. Louis Business Journal – St. Louis,MO,USA
14, the AmerenUE Taum Sauk Plant’s upper reservoir breached, flooding the Johnson’s Shut-Ins and the surrounding area near Lesterville, Mo., and closing one

AmerenUE pondered another plant
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
AmerenUE studied placing another hydroelectric power plant in Reynolds County before the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse, according to a newly released filing to

Taum Sauk reservoir should be rebuilt with concrete, report says
St. Louis Post-Dispatch – St. Louis,MO,USA
A group of engineers appointed to oversee the investigation of the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse said repairing it isn’ta viable option and suggested the only

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