I will pee your initials in the snow 20,000+ feet!

This ebay auction was highlighted on Jay Leno on Feb. 28. There were 15 bids and the winning bid of $51 means that the winner (bil15218) will get his initials peed at 51 feet on McKinley.

Here’s the auction.

Since this will soon disappear here’s the full text:
Winning bid: US $51.00

Ended: Jan-27-06 20:32:02 PST
Start time: Jan-20-06 20:32:02 PST
History: 15 bids (US $1.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: bill5218 ( 21)

Item location: Palmer, AK
United States

Ships to: Worldwide
Shipping costs: FREE — US Postal Service Priority Mail®
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Seller information
akstldet ( 7 )
Feedback Score: 7
Positive Feedback: 100%
Member since Sep-19-05 in United States

Description (revised)

I will pee your initials in the snow, hopefully on Alaska’s Mt. Denali (Mt. McKinley) up to 20,320 feet in elevation.

Here is the deal…

The highest bidder will get their initials peed in the snow at their bid amount in elevation. Example, if your bid is $17,399 then I will pee in the snow at 17,399 feet on Mt. Denali. I will have a picture taken of your initials peed in the snow, a picture of my altimeter, a photo looking out towards the scenery from that spot along with a copy of my climbing journal, which will mention your name and this crazy event. I may also include additional photos of the adventure, photocopies of my receipts, etc. to provide you with more proof that I actually did this.

If I actually obtain $20,320 or more and am required to do the deed at that elevation and the weather does not allow for my group to reach the summit of 20,320 feet then I will go as high as the weather safely permits and will do the deed. The group I am planning on going with usually always reaches the summit. There is also a camp elevation around 17,200 feet and I should definitely be able to reach that since I am planning around 26 days to reach the summit. So long as the weather allows and God forbid nothing wrong happens, I will be able to at least do the deed at this elevation.

There will be a minimum bid of $7,200 to get me to base camp elevation on Mt. Denali. If I do not reach a minimum of $7,200, then I will choose a place of my choice in Alaska and climb to the “bid elevation” and do the deed and provide the same information as stated above.

For the National Park Service and Environmentalist, I will be utilizing my p-bottle on the mountain. After I do the deed, I will immediately remove the pee and pack it out with me. I am a man of my word.

You are bidding on:

A “bid elevation” for me to pee your initials in the snow.
Picture of your initials in the snow at the “bid elevation” e-mailed to you
Picture of my altimeter at the “bid elevation” emailed to you
Picture of the scenery at the “bid elevation” emailed to you
Copy of my climbing journal emailed to you
You may also receive additional information to prove that I actually did this.

One last thing… I am doing this now in January to allow me enough time to condition myself for the climb. I also need to make reservations with the guide and need to register 60 days in advance with the National Park Service. I will have the items e-mailed to you buy early July 2006 at the latest. Could be a few days after the auction ends if it is a low enough “bid elevation”. Climbing season for Mt. Denali for me will be between early May 2006 to Late June 2006.

Thank you for looking at my first E-bay sale and hope this is a success. Please e-mail me with any questions. Happy bidding and good luck to us both.

Your new good friend,


On Jan-24-06 at 09:51:04 PST, seller added the following information:

Deliver more than expected… For any bidder of $7200 or more… If the whole pee thing is grossing you out, I am willing to substitute the pee with a banner (or do both). The banner can say whatever you want, but needs to be a realistic size due to weight and room in my pack. If your company needs advertisement this could be a great way to advertise on Mt. Denali. The banner might be better for us both, since I was thinking it might be difficult for me to pee through 4 inches of gear with a 2 inch p@n!s .

On Jan-25-06 at 09:15:57 PST, seller added the following information:

Dan, I left a password on your voicemail, so you know it is me when I call you. Sorry about your phone number, hopefully people respect you. People… Please let me know if you do not want your questions posted to the add.

On Jan-25-06 at 14:05:54 PST, seller added the following information:

Dan, how about having your radio station advertised on the tallest mountain in North America? Just come up with a banner idea and I can put it on the summit for you. All you need to do to collect the money is have your listeners donate money for the cause. You’re a radio station, so I’m sure you can get creative!

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