Flap Over Yellowstone Snowmobile Joke

Snowmobilers are calling for the resignation of John Sacklin is Yellowstone’s lead planner on the winter-use environmental study that examines the effects of snowmobiles in the park after he forwarded a snowmobile joke to them.

The text of the e-mail, titled “A Modest Solution,” joked about how Montanans like to “shoot things,” including animals and road signs.

“Now, however, we feel the need to shoot Yellowstone’s bison too,” the e-mail said, referring to the state’s renewed hunt of bison that wander out of Yellowstone. “This, however, has caused some uneasiness and some people even feel it is damaging Montana’s image. Thus, we need a different outlet and I think I have the solution. Let’s have an annual snowmobile hunt in and around Yellowstone Park!”

Sacklin forwarded the note, saying: “This came to us a while back, and we hope you find this as entertaining as we did.”

Park official apologizes for forwarding e-mail
Jackson Hole Tribune
February 17, 2006

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