Google Earth Tour On How the Taum Sauk Collapse Went Upstream on the Black River

I have posted a Google Earth tour of the Taum Sauk reservoir showing how the wall of water actually went upstream of the Ameren complex.

The December 14 tsunami flowed down a ravine to the northwest of the reservoir resulting in it hitting Johnson Shut Ins which is upstream from the power plant. If the tsunami had gone straight down Proffit Mountain to the Lower Reservoir it probably would have destroyed Ameren’s 350 megawatt generator complex.

The tour is quite dramatic. I suggest you slightly tilt the map slightly to the horizon and increase the vertical exxageration to 3 (tools/options/vertical exaggeration).

You of course need Google Earth installed (free) and a high speed internet connection.

Download the Taum Sauk Google Earth KMZ Tour

It’s about 5 miles from Taum Sauk the Missouri highpoint and the Taum Sauk reservoir (which is actually on Proffitt Mountain). In between is Church Mountain where Ameren wanted to build two more pumped storage facilities.

Ameren had wanted to build two more reservoirs on Church Mountain to the right.

The Taum Sauk reservoir is about 100 mile equidistant from St. Louis to the northeast, the New Madrid Fault to the southeast (where a 1.9 quake hit about five hours before the collapse) and Bagnell Dam/Lake of the Ozarks from where it the plant was monitored.

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Topozone Map

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