DNR: Black River Could Take 70 Years to Clear

Unusual color in Black River

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Missouri reports that efforts to make the Black River clear again following the December 14 Taum Sauk disaster apparently have failed

The Park City Daily Tribune quoted Randy Crawford, of the Missouri Department of Natural Resources saying the initial treatments have not been working.

“Sometimes it can take 60-70 years for the water clarity to get clear,” Crawford said.”

Meanwhile Lesterville school officials note that Ameren pays more than half the district’s taxes and if they decide to leave or not build it could post a hardship.

The Columbia Tribune reports Johnson’s Shut Ins most famous canyons and waterpools remain largely in tact because debris pooled above it.

Ameren is paying for the 60 people working on the recovery who have removed 3,000 dumptruck loads of sediment and 1,625 truckloads of dead trees from the park.

State park gets face-lift after reservoir collapse
Feburary 11, 2006
Columbia Tribune

Water clarity, future of Taum Sauk on residents’ minds
Park City Daily Journal
February 10, 2006

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