Flickr Photos Show Human Impact of Taum Sauk Disaster

A Baby’s Socks

Originally uploaded by Burningbird.

Burningbird at Flickr has a gallery of photos that show the human consequences of the Taum Sauk reservoir disaster.

At the risk sensationalizing the heartache of Taum Sauk superintendent Jerry Toop whose family and young children were washed away, the pictures show the human aspect of that tragedy ranging from baby socks to broken bikes.

Child Bike

The famed waterproof tiles that were supposed to keep the dam from leaking.

All that’s left of Jerry Toops home (the white foundation on the right). Would you be pissed if your kids were in that house that washed away in less than 10 minutes?

Meanwhile the Black River News on Blogspot run by Lee Ferber is a good local site to follow the developments.

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