Missouri Considering Taum Sauk Disaster Museum

Missouri is mulling the possibilities of a Taum Sauk Disaster Museum similar to the Times Beach Dioxin Museum in St. Louis County.

The St. Louis Post Dispatch notes:

Dan Paige, deputy director of state parks for the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, said:

…the state parks agency already has an interpretive group working on the Johnson’s Shut-Ins recovery effort, and it is not yet known what form an educational feature might take. But guided tours, literature and informational placards would likely be part of it. If so, the dam failure would become part of the park’s history.

“They’ve already been down here and walked the park,” Paige said. “Just throwing out ideas – What can we do, and what do we need to interpret with the changes that have happened down here?”

They are already looking at things that need to be saved for educational purposes, Paige said, such as a camp grill that was twisted by the wall of water.

The images and methodology of the process of course evokes Ground Zero in New York City.

Missouri’s most famous environmental disaster museum is the Times Beach Dioxin Superfund site in St. Louis County near Eureka.

It has been euphemistically renamed the “Route 66 State Park.”
Missouri looks to turn Taum Sauk calamity into instructional tool
By Ken Leiser

Official Route 66 State Park

Topozone Map

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Times Beach Missouri
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