February 2, 2006 Linkage

State Highpoint News

Mt. Hood snowpack 122 percent of average
05:34 PM PST on Tuesday, January 31, 2006
More than three times the amount of snow has fallen this year atop Mount Hood than last year, reaping benefits for Oregon ski areas, resorts and snow tire installers. That’s 122 percent of average snowfall for this time of year. Statewide, the snowfall numbers are even higher, at 130 percent of average. “We had some really nice snowfall for the month of January,” said Jon Lea, a hydrologist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Conservation Service. “Last year was pretty skimpy. This is a whole lot different than it was last year.”

Teen skier spends night on Mount Hood, lives to tell about it
PORTLAND, Ore. – A 13-year-old who fell into a creek while skiing and spent the night on Mount Hood was rescued Monday in good shape. Bryan Cross of Eugene said he felt fine, although he was shaking as he talked to reporters. Medical personnel checked him out and said he had mild hypothermia. He went home with his parents, Nancy and Pat, vowing to be back on the slopes next weekend. Cross said he spent the night “huddled up against a tree,” trying to get dry and stay warm. He told reporters that he’d fallen into a creek as he was trying to find his way off the mountain.

AmerenUE begins flocculant treatment
Nontoxic chemical is not going directly into Black River
By PAULA BARR\Daily Journal Staff Writer
A 24-foot barge slowly crisscrossed the lower Taum Sauk Reservoir on Wednesday, spraying flocculant into the muddy water and leaving stripes of clear water in its wake. The flat boat, operated by a Minnesota firm, began AmerenUE’s cleanup of the 355-acre lower reservoir at 8 a.m. and will continue spraying the clarifying chemical during daylight hours through Friday. The project is part of AmerenUE’s multi-faceted efforts to restore the area damaged by the Dec. 14 failure of the dam at the upper reservoir. Neighbors, members of the media, and staff from AmerenUE and Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) gathered at a lookout point above the reservoir to watch the barge clean the brown water.

Attorney General Appointed As Special Prosecutor for Criminal Investigation of Taum Sauk Reservoir Disaster
A Reynolds County judge has appointed the Attorney General’s Office as special prosecutor to conduct a criminal investigation of the events surrounding the breach of the Taum Sauk reservoir on Dec. 14. Associate Circuit Judge Edith R. Rutter appointed a special prosecutor after Reynolds County Prosecuting Attorney Robert A. Johnson determined he had a conflict of interest.

World Highpoint News
Haggis with altitude as Scots climber sets Burns Supper record
POSTED: 4:59 am MST January 27, 2006
A MOUNTAINEER claimed the record for the world’s highest Burns Supper yesterday after joining in the celebrations from a mountain top in Argentina. Climber Chris Dunlop called in to a special event that was taking place at the Scottish Parliament. He phoned the Burns Breakfast, hosted by Ayrshire MSP Margaret Jamieson, from 23,000ft Mount Aconcagua – the highest peak in the world outside the Himalayas.

Haleakala Park officials: Hiker crushed by large rock has been identified

A 25-year-old hiker who died Saturday after being crushed by a boulder has been identified as Matthew Boattini, according to officials at Haleakala National Park. Boattini dislodged the boulder, estimated to be 4 feet long and 3 feet wide and weighing as much as 2,500 pounds, while he was hiking through Lelekea Stream in Kipahulu, which is part of Haleakala National Park, officials said. While a friend kept Boattini’s head above water in the stream, two other hikers went for help, calling fire rescue specialists by 3:17 p.m. A fire crew from Hana responded to the scene as well as firefighters aboard the Air One helicopter and national park staff.

Injured Hiker Rescued By Helicopter
POSTED: 10:47 am EST January 31, 2006
A hiker who was injured on Gothics’ Mountain in Keene, N.Y. was rescued by helicopter Monday.
Authorities said Bob Kuibak, 53, was hiking over the weekend with three others when he slipped, fell and broke his ankle.

Climber Dies In Fall at Eldorado Canyon
Boulder Man Was Not Wearing A Helmet
A 25-year-old Boulder, Colo., climber died in a fall at Eldorado Canyon State Park Thursday evening. The man had just finished the “Rincon Route” at about 6:15 and was rappelling down a cliff when he fell about 20 feet and landed on his head. His climbing partner ran to the state park ranger’s office and reported the accident. Firefighters from the Cherryvale Fire Protection District, and rescuers from the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group responded to the accident scene.

Northwest skiing pioneer dies at 98
The founder of ski schools on Mount Rainier, Mount Baker and Mount Hood, who was also known as a ski instructor to the stars and a movie director, has died. Otto Lang, 98, died Monday at his Seattle home. He had been suffering from heart disease. “It’s the absolute end of an era. He was the last of that generation. No one else is left,” said Warren Miller, a legendary ski-film producer who first met Lang in 1946 in Sun Valley, Idaho. The Bosnian-born emigre came to the Northwest in 1936 looking for a place to film a ski-instruction movie. What he found was a lot of snow and mayhem, when he watched the running of the Silver Skis Race on Mount Rainier, the opposite of the controlled, graceful skiing style he had honed in the Austrian Alps.

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