Ohio Doesn't Like How Arcata is Treating Its McKinley Monument

Canton, Ohio, doesn’t like how Arcata, California, is treating its statue of William McKinley.

According to the Contra Cost Times residents consider it an imperialist statue and don’t like it:

Condoms have been placed on the thumb of the statue’s extended right hand and left to rot. Cheese has been stuffed in its ears, and a gas mask once was placed over the president’s chiseled face. Marijuana has been found growing around the statue’s base.

Arcata’s McKinley monument was made in San Francisco at a cost of $15,000 and brought north by boat. The expenses were covered by a successful Humboldt County businessman named George Zehndner. It was dedicated July 4, 1906, before an admiring crowd of 2,000 people, according to the late historian George Ringwald.

Canton Janet Creighton says they don’t do things that way in Ohio and the town would be happy to take the monument.

City officials say it would cost $30,000 to move the monument. The Council recently ignored a petition signed by 1,400 persons to remove it.

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