Helicopter Rescue on Mount Cranberry in Maine

Boston.com reports Steven Mazerolle, 52, of China, broke his leg while climbing a steep snow and ice covered portion of the Appalachian Trail on Mount Cranberry in was with two others on Saturday when he fell on ice- and snow-covered rocks along a steep section of the Appalachian Trail on Maine’s Mount Cranberry.

Dozens of people from area towns, emergency medical agencies and wilderness rescue groups volunteered for a rescue operation, with teams to be positioned along the trail to lower a basket carrying the 250-pound injured hiker through a system of ropes and pulleys.

On Saturday night, rescuers decided to wait until a Maine National Guard medical helicopter could get to the scene Sunday morning to airlift Mazerolle off the mountain. Eight of the rescuers stayed on the mountain with him Saturday night until the chopper could get there.

None of the rescuers had sleeping bags, but they stayed warm by huddling near a campfire and moving around between short catnaps, said Mike Senecal, one of the rescuers.

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