Cell Phone GPS Coordinates Leader to Rescue on Greylock Trail in Colorado

The Windsor Tribune reports a woman was rescued in Poudre Canyon after a dispatcher used GPS directions to locate her.

The call came in:

“It was a little before 6 p.m. when she called. She indicated to me that she was lost in the mountains, and she indicated that she was on foot,” Kerry Koppes said. “She thought she was in the proximity of what she described as Grey’s Trail.

Koppes figured she was talking about Greyrock Trail, and he estimated she was as high as 9,000 feet.

The woman’s cell phone was equipped with a wireless phase 2 technology. Koppes said that gives the center a latitude and longitude and location of a tower. He found the tower from where the woman’s strongest signal was picked up.

“Anytime you pick up a cell phone and you dial you’ll hit multiple towers,” he said. “Your signal strength will always be strongest into one particular tower, and that’s usually how your call gets routed. It’s the first time I’ve had the experience with this system in a situation like this, and we had a save like this.”

Koppes said he got the latitude and longitude based on the triangulation from her phone, and he was able to take that data and plot it into the center’s computer maps.

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