Full Text of Many Guidebooks Available at Google Print

The full text of many guidebooks including guides to highpoints is now available at print.google.com.

Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing for guidebook authors remains to be seen.

The google search reveals a few pages on either side of an entry. Since most entries in guidebooks are only a few pages this would in fact capture the entire write up.

Google sabotages somewhat the ease of stealing the write ups. Text cannot be copied, you cannot save the page and you cannot print the page. Conceivably you could get much of the write up via “print screen” and then printing via a photo editing program but that is clumsey.

Amazon had a similar service for its books but Google is much faster and simpler.

A quick search for highpointers revealed Charlie and Diane Winger’s “Highpoint Adventures: The Complete Guide to the 50 State Highpoints” as well as Gary Fallesen’s “Peak Experiences -Hiking the Highest Summits in New York, County by County: Hiking the Highest”

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