Jerzy Michalski Seeks to Be Oldest Everest and 7 Summit Completer at 75

Everest News reports Jerzy Michalski wants to be the oldest to climb Everest and the 7 summits at 75.

He hopes to do this with his son Pawel Michalski. Jerzy Michalski was born on September 3rd, 1931.

Jerzy and Pawel have climbed all of the Seven Summits together except for Mount Everest. They began their expedition to conquer the Seven in 1996 with Mount Blanc and are planning to leave for Mount Everest from Warsaw on August 29th. In case of a successful Ascent Jerzy will be the oldest man to climb Mount Everest and to conquer the Seven Summits. Steve Bell, a previous conqueror of the Seven Summits wrote, “Seven Summits require physical and technical skills, full determination, courage, enormous experience, physical and psychological immunity and fantasy.”

Highpointer Mario Locatelli from Montana said at the recent convention that he has secured most of the funding from his family to also attempt to be the oldest Everest climber. He would be 73. At 71 he is the oldest to climb McKinley.

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