Arizona Club to Sprinkle Ashes on 315 Mountains Around Tucson

Arizona Central reports Charlie Whitmore asked his climbing buddy Richard Kane to sprinkle his ashes on the 315 mountain peaks around Tucson.

Climbing the peaks, all within a 75-mile radius of Tucson, is considered a milestone for members of the Southern Arizona Hiking Club, which Whitmore had served as club statistician. Kane is the club’s trail keeper, in charge of volunteer efforts to maintain trails.

Kane enlisted other members of the club, many of them friends of Whitmore, to haul tiny portions of his ashes up mountains ranging from Rincon Peak near Tucson to rugged summits in the Baboquivari Mountains southwest of the city.

Susan Whitmore acquired scores of small prescription-pill bottles as containers for the ashes. Peak-bound hikers carry the bottles and scatter a pinch of ashes unobtrusively on the summits they reach.
Kane said the ashes won’t be noticeable to other hikers visiting the mountaintops.

“It’s a very small amount, and they’ll blow away anyway,” he said.

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