Indiana Landfill to Tower 63 Feet Over Hoosier Hill

The Star Press reports Indiana is bracing for the time when the Randolph County Landfill is higher than its nearby state highpoint Hoosier Hill.

The landfill is currently 92 feet tall, making it 1,242 feet above sea level. In the future, the landfill will become 170 feet tall, putting it at 1,320 feet above sea level. The highest elevation surface in Indiana – Hoosier Hill in Wayne County – is 1,257 feet above sea level.

The landfill is proposing add 41 acres providing a total of about 155 acres for disposal for an expected life of 20 more years.

The landfill primarily serves Randolph, Delaware, Henry, Jay, Madison, and Wayne counties in Indiana, as well as Darke and Miami counties in Ohio. Randolph County only has 28,000 people and residents are concerned about out of county garbage.

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