New Jerimoth Hill Rhode Island Owners Permit Access Every Weekend! reports Jeff & Debbie Mosley, the new owners of Jerimoth Hill, have dramatically changed the access rules — they are permitting highpointers to visit any weekend 52 weeks a year!

This dramatically changes decades of rules where access was limited to just a handful number of days of year on Sundays during federal holidays. We of course are thrilled with this new development. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Below is the message that Jeff and Debbie Mosley posted to this article had been just noting the visitation dates each year.
To all of you, Highpointers or just visitors to this area! My wife(Debbie) and I wish to welcome anyone who wishes to visit Jerimoth Hill, Foster,
Rhode Island. We are not going to stop anyone from visiting as long as
our privacy is respected. The site is open Saturday and Sunday, from

8:00 am to 3:00 pm.

We would ask the following conditions be followed:

(1) Please clean up after yourselves and your animals and take all trash with you!
(2) All animals must be leashed!
(3) No picnicing or alcohol is permitted!

I have cleared the path at the edge of my property and my next door neighbors. The path will be cleaned up more as time permits and made
more accessible for all who wish to travel it!

Debbie and I wish all of you a pleasant and memorable walk to Rhode Islands high point! We enjoyed your visit on the 3rd of July and hope
there will be many more to come!

If anyone wants to know, John and Joann, our next door neighbors, are the ones who deserve all the credit for changing Debbie and my minds
about the visitation by all of you! We were lead to believe many things that we both now see, are just not true!
Sincerely Jeff & Debbie Mosley
212A Hartford Pike
Foster, R.I. 02825

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