2 Airlifted Off Emmons Glacier on Rainier After 4 p.m. Summit Descent

KING5 reports the Oregon National Guard airlifted two hikers off of Emmons Glacier on Rainier.

Fifty-year-old Tom Labrie had a broken leg and 31-year-old Theresa Fielding a sprained ankle. The rescue by the Oregon National Guard took place on Emmons Glacier Wednesday morning more than 13,000 feet up the mountain.

The accident happened as the group was making its way up the mountain in two groups – one group of four roped together and one group of three, according to Rainier National Director of Search and Rescue Mike Gauthier.

One member of the four-person team fell, dragging the others down with him. The fourth and last person on the rope team was able to arrest the others’ fall and likely prevented them from falling a much greater distance down the mountain.

The Seattle Post Intelligencer reported that the party began its descent from Rainier summit at 4 p.m. which is extraordinarily late since most teams are back at base camp at 1 p.m.

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