Erica Kutcher Fatality in Pakistan Shipton Spire Climb

The Daily News reports Erica Kutcher, 27, perished in an avalanche near Shipton Spire in Pakistan.

The story has gotten massive publicity in the New York City media since she is a resident of Great Neck on Long Island. It was origianlly reported she had perished in an avalanche at K2 base camp (even before the family had been notified). The News notes the mistake was caused because Shipton Spire is in the same Karakoram range as K2.

The article notes:

“She did things in her life that many of us can only dream about,” said her cousin Michael Glickman, 27. “No one expects a girl from Great Neck to become an expert mountain climber.”

Kutcher’s pal Ben Folsom said she was such an incredible speed climber that she could scale a vertical 3,000-foot route on the North American Wall of El Capitan in Yosemite National Park, Calif., in 40 hours without sleep.

“She’s pretty amazing. She would be really good in sketchy situations,” said Folsom, 29, of Salt Lake City. “She was good at solving problems.”

Before embarking on her final quest, Kutcher taught survivalist skills to children with severe emotional problems in Alaska.

Her parents are waiting for their daughter’s body to be flown from Pakistan to New York for a traditional Jewish burial.

“How can you bury a daughter? How can you say goodbye?” said her devastated mother. “She will always be with us. She was always there to love.”

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