Andrew Skurka First Sea2Sea Trail Completer

Walkermnn reports Andrew Skurka of Massachusetts has walked 5,015 miles in his attempt to be the first to complete the 7,700 mile Sea to Sea Trail across the northern U.S. between the Atlantic and Pacific.

Skurka began on Aug. 6, 2004, at Cape Gaspe, Quebec, and hopes to finish by Aug. 13, 2005, at Cape Alva, Washington.

The trail is missing 30 miles in Vermont and 700 miles in North Dakota.

One of his favorite stories of the trip was in Rockland, Michigan, where he noticed a diner had no cars only to discover 75 snowmobiles in back and inside everybody was drinking beer at 11 a.m.

Andrew’s Website
andrewskurka .com
Ron Strickland Website (wrote Backpacker article pusihing trail)
SeatoSea Trail Site

Andrew completed the trail in July.

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