Altitude Sickness Blamed in Fatality at Cameron Pass in Colorado

The Denver Channel are puzzled over why Nathan Bell, 17, died while climbing at 10,200 feet near Cameron Pass during a six-day backpacking trip with his church group.

Bell was said to be in good shape and had done this kind of hiking before, said Jerry Fultz, director of development for the New Life Evangelical Free Church, which organized the hiking trip. The teen was in the final stages of becoming an Eagle Scout, Fultz said.

Doctors at Denver Health Medical center say the altitude impacts different people in different ways and just because the altitude doesn’t make you ill one time doesn’t mean it won’t the next.
Altitude sickness is usually associated with shortness of breath, sick stomach, and a headache that just won’t go away. If you feel these symptoms come on, the best thing you can do is head for lower ground.

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