Fall on Eighth Pitch of East Buttress on El Capitan

A climber survived a fall on the eight pitch of the East Buttress Route on El Capitan in Yosemite.

According to the NPS Morning Report:

The park’s emergency communications center received a call on the afternoon of Wednesday, June 1st, reporting a climber fall and injury about 800 feet up on the East Buttress Route on El Capitan. The injured climber, Tiquran Avakian, a Russian national, had taken a 15-foot fall while lead climbing on the eighth pitch. The route at the accident site was wet from mist blowing over from Horse Tail Falls. Avakian’s fall was arrested by his climbing rope, but he hit a ledge and injured his back and pelvis. This caused him some difficulty breathing. He also hit his head, but luckily was wearing a helmet. Avakian’s climbing partners lowered him a short distance to a large ledge. Rangers Leslie Reynolds and Jack Hoeflich were shorthauled to the accident site under Yosemite’s contract helicopter. The rangers secured Avakian in a vacuum body splint and Stokes litter and he was extricated from the cliff face by shorthaul.
[Submitted by Keith Lober, Yosemite SAR Manager]

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