Woman Rescue in Heavy Storm at Amistad NRA in Texas

The NPS Morning Report says a woman was rescued in heavy storm after she fell in Pecos River Canyon in Amistad NRA.

The report says:

On the evening of May 28th, rangers conducted a technical rescue of a 20-year-old woman who had fallen and sustained a severely fractured leg in the Pecos River Canyon about nine miles upstream from the Pecos River boat launch ramp. As heavy rain fell and intense lightning filled the air, she was stabilized and lowered down to the river using a stokes litter and ropes. Although the severe weather threatened the safety of the rescue team, it was decided to continue rescue operations due to the victim’s condition, the approach of deteriorating weather, and low light conditions. The woman was transferred to an NPS vessel and taken to the Pecos River launch ramp, where an ambulance then transported her about 40 miles to a hospital in Del Rio, Texas. Ranger Matt Roberson was the incident commander.
[Submitted by Chief Ranger’s Office]

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