Dislodged Rock Breaks Woman's Arm While Climbing Devil's Tower

Aberdeen News reports Rita Sanders broke an arm when a rock dislodged by a climber above hit her on Devil’s Tower.

The basketball sized rock bounced off her helmet before striking her left arm.

Below is the official NPS Morning Report:

On May 29th, Rita Sanders, 46, of Bellview, Nebraska, was injured by a falling rock while climbing on Devils Tower. Sanders was climbing the Pseudo Weissner route with a friend and a professional guide when the accident occurred. She was preparing to climb the third pitch of the route and was attached to a set of anchor bolts when a 10- to 12-inch diameter rock was dislodged by a party climbing approximately 300 feet above her. The rock struck her in the helmet, left arm and left ankle, causing multiple injuries, including several broken bones. Sander’s guide provided initial care and was lowered with Sanders 200 feet to the base of the route by another climbing party. Rangers and other climbers then packaged and lowered her in a litter through another 100 feet of vertical terrain. Sanders was then flown by the Rapid City Regional Lifeflight helicopter to Rapid City, South Dakota.
[Submitted by Scott Brown, Chief Ranger]

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