Star Party At Spruce Knob — Home of Darkest Skies in the East

WVEC reports the Northern Virginia Astronomy Club and and the Virginia Outdoor Lighting Task Force plan to hold an “Almost Heaven Party” on Spruce Knob which they say has the darkest skies on the east coast.

The groups are supporting a Delaware Senate dark skies bill against excessive lighting.

The bill requires that any new light fixture of more than 1,800 lumens that is installed, replaced, maintained, or operated using state funds be shielded to direct most of the light toward the ground and reduce the horizontal and upward dispersion of light. A lumen is a measure of light output. A typical 100-watt incandescent bulb, for example, has an output of about 1,600 lumens. Shielded or “cutoff” fixtures already are

There are exceptions for ornamental lights and emergency lighting.

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