Sherpa to Crawl Length of Manhattan to Ground Zero

The New York Times reports Sherpa L. G. Khambache, 41, of Brooklyn, plans to crawl the 13 mile length of Manhattan to Ground Zero.

His adventure starts at the Broadway Bridge at West 220th Street and will sleep at night in a parked van. The adventure is to honor fallen police and firefighters as well as December tsunami victims. It starts on the anniversary of Sherpa Tenzing Norkay and Edmund Hillary’s May 29, 1953, Everest ascent.

It is the closest you can come in New York to trekking. It’s horizontal climbing.

Everest sherpas are to join him on Saturday at Ground Zero. Khambache performed at the World Trade Center with other sherpas in 1999 in a concert taped by VH1 and billed as the world’s highest rooftop concert. Khambache guided Westerners on the lower slopes but never summited.

He says that crawling also shows humility, “a way to beg on hands and knees for peace and harmony.” He has several crawling techniques for different situations, he says. The fastest is a vigorous gallop he uses when crossing the street.

According to the New York Times style he was referred to throughout the article as “Mr. Sherpa.”

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