Climber Falls 1,000 Feet While Attempting to Rescue Crampon on Middle Teton

Planet Jackson Hole report Justin Sobol, 22, of Oakland Park, Florida, was airlifted after falling 1,000 feet while attempting a glissade to retrieve his crampons near Icefloe Lake, below the southwest face of the Middle Teton

Park officials said Sobol’s crampon bindings released twice; the second time he lost them and they slid down hill. He attempted to glissade to retrieve them, but he lost control. He attempted to self-arrest with his ice axe, but the leash attaching the axe to his wrist either broke or came loose. He tumbled about 1,000 deet over steep snow, ice and rock and came to rest several hundred feet about the lake. Sobbol was not wearing a helmet.

His climbing partner, Nick Carter, 23, from Gainesville, Fla.,contacted Exum Guide Mark Newcomb who placed a cell phone call to arrange the rescue.

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