Cleveland Closes Park and Kills Coyote Mother After Attack on Dog and Bicyclist

The Cleveland Plain Dealer reports on the closure of North Chagrin Reservation after a pair of aggressive female coyotes bit a bicyclist and a pet dog over the weekend. Officials have killed one of the coyotes which is believed to be protected its young.

The incidents occured at the A.B. Williams Memorial Woods area of the Chagrin Reservation, a 50-acre wedge off Ohio 91 in the southwest corner of the park known as the “Upper 40”. Park officials told the newspaper the area will remain closed for several weeks until the cubs are able to leave the den and the remaining younger female becomes less protective.

Wildlife experts report on the Metroparks Web site, , that coyotes are generally afraid of people, but “there have been occasional reports of females showing less fear of people while protecting a den or pups,” especially in April.

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