Geofunc.xla Excel Add-In to Calculate Geometry Functions

There are many ways to calculate longitude/latitude data via Excel. You can do it manually with complicated formulas. But the easiest way is to install the Geofuc.xla Excel add-in. This site explains it..

If you insist on doing the calculations without the addin here’s an excellent site explaining them.

Below are functions in geofunc.xla:
Spherical (Earth) Geometry: Angle & Distance Measurements
Bearing(Lat1, Lon1, Lat2, Lon2)
NewPosLat(Lat1, Lon1, Bearing, Distance)
NewPosLon(Lat1, Lon1, Bearing, Distance)
Posdist(Lat1, Lon1, Lat2, Lon2)

Geographic Position Unit Conversions

Survey Distance Measurements
ClinoArcDist(Altitude, Angle)
ClinoDist(Altitude, Angle)
DistRet(Height, RadPerReticle, Distance)
RetDist(Height, RadPerReticle, Reticles)
RetDistBE(Height, Reticles)
RetDist7x50(Height, Reticles)

Plane Geometry – Oblique Triangle Formulas
ASAb(b, a, c)
ASAc(b, a, c)
SASa(b, a, c)
SASB(b, a, c)
SASC(b, a, c)
SSAB(a, c, AngleA)
SSAC(a, c, AngleA)
SSASb(a, c, AngleA)
SSSA(a, b, c)
SSSB(a, b, c)
SSSC(a, b, c)

Utility and Miscellaneous Functions
ClosestDistance(x1, y1, x2, y2, xp, yp)

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