Profile of Jerry Baille's Peakbagger.Com Washington Highest List

The Seattle Post Intelligencer has a profile of the “Bulger” 100 Highest Washington Mountains listed at

Jerry Baillie, 50, completed the Bulger 100 two years ago after bagging his first peak in 1968 — a decade before the list was completed. To qualify as a distinct peak, the group decided, a prominence had to be 400 feet higher than any adjacent rise (1,000 feet for volcanoes). This was to prevent labeling a bump on a mountain flank as a separate peak.

Baillie, a mountaineering instructor for the Boeing Alpine Club, is one of an estimated 25 to 50 people who have summited on each of the top 100. Baille says the hardest is Southeast Twin Spire of Mox Peak because it is technically difficult and remote.

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