Students End Occupation of University Office Over Military Use of Mauna Kea

The Star-Bulletin reports students ended their occupation of the President of the University of Hawaii’s office in protest of Navy contracts with the University including Mauna Kea.

The University has said there will be an open discussion about the Navy’s contracts.

The protesters were careful not to damage anything during their occupation, removing their shoes before entering the carpeted office area. Before leaving Bachman Hall, they cleaned up the outside courtyard and watered the plants.

The specific catalyst is a proposed Navy and UH-Manoa project worth about $10 million a year in Navy-sponsored research. Mixed into the protests were military research projects on Mauna Kea.

University officials said the research is in the “core competencies” in which the university excels, such as ocean sciences and technology, astronomy, optics, and communication and information technology. “We’re not going to build atomic bombs here,” a University spokesman said.

University of Hawaii
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