13,000 Foot Peak 8 Ski Lift At Breckenridge — Highest in North America — Approved

The Denver Post reports federal approval for a 13,000 foot ski lift to Peak 8 at Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado — the highest in North America.

White River National Forest Supervisor Maribeth Gustafson overruled an earlier decision against the lift. The press release states:

Although many believe that the skiing terrain available on Peak 8 and Peak 7 should be reserved for those hearty enough to ‘earn their turns,’ I believe that our public lands must be managed and made available for all members of the public to enjoy without a tone of exclusivity.

Various groups had opposed the lift noting that skiiers that high on the mountain should hike it or noting that the lift would encourage a war for lifts to go higher and higher in Colorado.

Breckenridge Yahoo Map

Colorado Wild page opposing the lift

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