VRML Cortonna Plug-In Browser (free)

There were high hopes for the Virtual Rendering Modeling Language (VRML) in the late 1990’s because it would permit web visitors to immerse themselves in a 3D World. However VRML never quite lived up to the billing as it is very high bandwidth (most of the world’s here are 500K or more) and the dispute between Microsoft and Sun over the Java technology effectively made the underlying technology difficult obtain or use.

However with Microsoft and Sun coming to a truce over Java has opened up that robust technology. Further, higher bandwidth makes it easier to download the worlds. The concept of 3D immersion pioneered by VRML has never gone away. Pixar animated movies are classic examples of how far 3D technology has come. In any event VRML remains particularly alive and well in the map and architectural drafting worlds.

In order to see our VRML worlds, you need to have Java installed (click here to see if you have Java installed — if it is then you don’t have to do this install it new!). Note: Sun has never figured out how to do things simply. Its page offers confusing options. But you must likely are going to want the Java Run Time Envrionment program which at this writing is called. J2SE v 1.4.2_06 JRE. It’s 14 megs.


You will also need a VRML browser plug-in. The free Cortona plug in from Parallel Graphics. It’s 2 megs.


We are porting over our VRML worlds to this blog.

Original americasroof VRML site.

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