Popular Rescue Doctor Fatality in New Zealand After Rescue Beacon Blocked By Cliff

Stuff New Zealand reports Andrew James Ogilvy, 41, died when he fell 500m while climbing Mount Berth, near Lake Ohau in the Ahuriri Conservation Park in New Zealand

Ogilvy, a popular doctor in the intensive-care unit at Dunedin Hospital, was an able climber and on occasions manned Otago’s rescue helicopter. and was reported to have been well prepared for the mountain when he slipped. A separate group activated a locator beacon to assist at 3 p.m. but when a satellite passed at 4 p.m. it did not pick it up because it was blocked by a cliff. The report of the accident occurred only when one of the party walked out. Officials said notification would have been faster if the group had specialized mountain radios.

Subsequent articles also noted that rescuers were hampered in recovering the body because the Park had been locked.

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