Ken Yager Pushes for Yosemite Climbing Museum at Camp 4

The San Francisco Chronicle reports Ken Yager is attempting to start a museum celebrate Yosemite Valley’s climbing history at Camp 4 in the Park.

Park officials have included it in the official blueprints for the park.

Yager has 5,000 artifacts his garage. They include antiquated hobnail mountaineering boots and huge old iron pitons fashioned out of hacksawed stove legs. His storehouse includes countless early versions of nuts and cams and other safety equipment that revolutionized the sport. He has also conducted interviews with earlier climbers.

Yager hopes the most fragile and important pieces — 1940s letters from climbing guru John Salathe, a spool of hemp rope Harding used — will be reserved for exhibition in climate-controlled cases at the park’s main village museum.”

Problems still loom. The park may be able to foot the bill for construction, but operation would be handled by the Yosemite Climbing Association.

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