Afghanistan Promotes Virgin 6,000 Metres Peaks to Tourist Mountaineers

A Short Walk in the Hindu Kush
The Sunday Herald says Afghanistan is trying to promote mountaineering tourism by publicizing its virgin 6,000 metre peaks in the Hindu Kush and is training 12 former guerrilla fighters to become alpine guides and the country has a special landmine bureau to warn you where not to go (don’t go to the old smuggler trails).

Afgahnistan’s only ski resort near the Salang Pass north of Kabul is a place where you can snowboard and off-piste ski.

Another advantage of climbing is you don’t have buy permits.

“If they are nervous about security, they shouldn’t worry. We will provide them with an armed police escort.”

One of the country’s great draws is Mir Samir, made famous by travel writer Eric Newby’s failed attempt to climb it, and memorably described in Newby’s travel classic A Short Walk In The Hindu Kush

Afghanistan’s highest peak Noshaq, a 7492-metre giant of rock and ice on the border with Tajikistan. It was scaled in 2004 by by Sir Chris Bonington — the first major expedition since the 1979 Soviet invasion.

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