Man and Dog Begin Walk From Galveston to Elbert Summit

The Dallas News reports Jeff Robinson and his boxer dog Walker have started a 1,336 mile journey from Galveston, Texas, to the summit of Mount Elbert and the on to Denver.

Walker, named for the trip, will carry his own pack, which will include boots and dog food. Robinson will carry a 45 pound pack and hopes to walk about 20 miles a day with a target date of July 4 on the Elbert summit.

Robinson who just turned 50 was cheered at the coast by his wife, his children, his newborn granddaughter, his mother-in-law and friends.

From Elbert he hopes to make Shakespeare’s Billards in Downtown Denver by July 10.

The walk is to raise funds for Dry Bones a Christian-based outreach ministry started by three Texans from Fort Worth and Abilene. Mr. Robinson has been volunteering there occasionally for about three years.

Walkingtodenver website

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