Proposal for $10 Million Snowdon Summit Cafe Stalls

The BBC reports officials are unable to raise nearly $4 Million to replace the Showdon Cafe which was once labelled a “slum” by Prince Charles.
The current concrete block cafe is nearly 70 years old and deteriorating. Snowdonia National Park Authority says it needs to raise the funds by June or the new cafe will not be built. The new cafe to be completed by 2007 would be a stone and glass building. It is estimated that 350,000 visitors make the trek to the top of Wales’ highest mountain every year by train or on foot. The original cafe was built in 1935 by Sir Clough Williams-Ellis, the creator of the tourist Italianate village of Portmeirion on the north Wales coast.
– have all stalled because of a lack of cash. More than $8 Million has already been raise ($6 Million from the Assembly Government and $2 Million from the Wales Tourist Board, Welsh Development Agency and Snowdon Mountain Railway.

Hightrek Page on Snowdon Cafe (source of image above)

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