Hiker Airlifted After Snow on AT in the Smokies

AP stories report Matthew Shultz was airlifted after attempting to hike 71 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park when he became incoherent after rain and snow got the hiking group unprepared.. They had started at Fontana Lake, NC. 8 inches of snow was on the ground at the rescue site at the Derrick Knob Shelter at 4,880 feet). Snow blew into the shelter, freezing their supplies and the hiker became incoherent. Three hikers stayed behind with while two others hiked 8 miles out to get help

Update March 10:
Pennsylvania newspapers are playing up the story with headlines along the lines of “Messiah group rescues hikers” in referring to the stranded hikers were met initially by a group Messiah College near Lancaster.

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