"Virus Without Boarders" Hitchhiking to Asian and European Highpoints

There’s a highpoint story in here somewhere about a Ukrainian group hitchhiking to climb highpoints throughout Asia and Europe. However I think something might be lost in translation:

Seven young people from Lvov intend to hitch-hike to Iran on March, 15, and to set an orange flag on the highest mountain peak of this country – volcano Damavand, of height 5671 meters.

Organization of extreme trips “Virus without boarders” reported, that flag erecting would be conducted within the action “Wind of Freedom”.

The route will pass through Georgia. The participants of action will conduct a press-conference and will read out “Letter of Freedom” in Tbilisi on March, 19. Then, they leave for Iran through Azerbaijan. Young people plan to return to Ukraine through Turkey.

Practically all participants of this action have an experience of hitch-hiking in the European countries, in taiga, tundra and mountain districts of Asia – Nepal and Tibet.

The participants of action also plan a symbolic throw of “Letter of freedom” in the Indian Ocean.

Except for this trip, within the project “Wind of Freedom” there will be international races of hitch-hiking in May, action “Olympus-Ararat” (trip round the Black sea, climb of both indicated tops) in June, climb of the greatest top of the Crimea mountains Roman-Kosh and descent in the deepest vertical caves in Ukraine on a plateau Krabi-Yaila in July and climb of Elbrus in August.

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