Book Recounts 1959 Earthquake That Probably Killed Granite Climber

Larry Morris has published a book about the August 17, 1959 7.5 Yellowstone earthquake that killed 28. A climber on Granite who is believed to have been buried in an avalanche. His body has never been recovered and he is not in the official list.

Morris dedicated the book to the memory of Ernest Bruffey, the 29th victim of the earthquake. Morris said Bruffey, a Havre resident, had told others of his plan to hike Granite Peak in the Beartooth Mountains between Aug. 16 and 19. Bruffey was never heard from again.

Strong shocks were recorded in the area after the initial quake and there were slides on Granite Peak, Morris said. Searchers never found Bruffey’s body and his name was never included on official victim lists, he said. But evidence suggests Bruffey was a victim of the earthquake and deserves to be remembered, he said.

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