Proposal to Limit Humphreys Peak Hikers to 50 A Day

Humphreys is Peaking_8008472

The Arizona Daily Sun has suggested limiting Humphreys Peak climbers to 50 a day.  The paper made the proposal in response to the July 20 lightning strike near the summit that killed 17-year-old Wade Young on July 20.

The paper notes that the heavily used Humphreys Peak trail does not have proper signage warning people about dangers.  It notes that a tent at the trailhead which warns hikers about dangers is not staffed during weekdays (Young was killed on a Wednesday).  The heavy usage has also let to trash along the route.

It notes that hikers should be warned to leave the trailhead during monsoon season by 7 a.m. and should be coming down off the mountain by 11 a.m.



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