Fatal Mount Mansfield Avalanche During Extreme Skiing Filming

WCAX reports Alec Stall was killed while skiing off-trail during the filming an extreme-skiing movie on Mount Mansfield. Police said he was pushed by a small avalanche over a cliff after he reached the bottom of the hill he was skiing on.

The Times-Argus reports the accident occured at 3 p.m. and he was reached at 4:30. He had taken the ski lift and hiked out of bounds beyond the mountain’s highpoint at the Chin into the Lake of the Clouds area. They told investigators that Stall had skied down a ‘chute’ formation on the side of the mountain and then fell down at the bottom of the chute. He was approximately 30 feet from the edge of the cliff when he fell. According to authorities, as Stall was trying to get up, a slough of snow came down the chute toward him and pushed him over the edge of the icy cliff, where he fell approximately 500 feet to the ground below.

The Champlain Channel reports that they were “free fall” skiing — launching off cliffs and steep terrain for long jumps. The article also noted this was the first skiing fatalit on Mansfield in 25 years.

Here’s a topozone map showing the steep terrain

Here’s a photo of Lake of the Clouds

Here’s a photo showing extreme snowboarding the cliffs of Mansfield

Meathead Films page on Alec Stall

I don’t know how long this will be kept up. But this photo of Alec matches very closely the description of the accident.

This was an earlier article on the Extreme Skiing of this group

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