Google Spectacular New Map Service

Google has unveiled the beta version of its online map program. It has the usual Google niceties — no ads and astonishingly fast. One of the coolest features is that you can drag the map to move it making it even easier to use than even disk based maps. It doesn’t publicize it but you can also get longitude/latitude maps simply by searching latitude/longitude pairs. For instance to find Cheaha you would enter the pairs.
33.4855, -85.8091

It produces a bookmarkable URL (you have to click on “link to this page” to get the url). So for Cheaha you get:

I think it’s just for the Lower 48 right now. I tried to run McKinley through it and it wouldn’t take.

The main competition is mapquest (although you can do it with Yahoo but it’s not documented).

Mapquest’s URL for Cheaha is:

Mapquest right now has a couple advantages:
1. The places a mark on the location (Google doesn’t do that latitude/longitude look ups although it does it for addresses)
2. Mapquest has maps for the whole world.

I thought Mapquest used to allow you to get directions to a latitude/longitude location but I don’t see that now. Google lets you do that (you have to play with it a bit).

For what it’s worth here’s yahoo maps Cheaha address:

I’m not even going to list Expediamap’s proprietary URL for Cheaha per the discussion about Microsoft seeking patent to encrypt longitude/latitude.

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