WGAL on Proposal to Rename Negro Mountain/Mount Davis to Mount Nemesis

WGAL has a nice story on a proposal to rename the 30 mile long ridge Negro Mountain to Mount Nemesis. The ridge contains Mount Davis in Pennsylvania.

The logic is that the mountain should be named for the person who the mountain was named for and not his race (and not the landowner who once owned Mount Davis).

There are various stories on whether to name it Nemesis or Goliath.

Historical records contain two stories about the naming of Negro Mountain, which rises to 3,075 feet in Maryland, and 3,213 feet in Pennsylvania. In one account, a free black frontiersman named Nemesis was killed during a skirmish with Indians in 1756 while serving in a militia during the French and Indian War.

In the other version, a large black servant named Goliath was killed while protecting his master, Capt. Andrew Friend, from an Indian attack on their hunting party.

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